1. What is Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and more. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

In combination with Alertdesk, Zapier can bring events and notifications from Alertdesk to your favorite channel. E.g. you can turn on a LED at your office in case of your website has turned DOWN.

2. Setup my account with Zapier

To get started you will need an account at Zapier. Go to and signup if you haven’t an account already.

When you have logged into Zapier navigate to the menu “Zaps”. If you have no Zaps created you are prompted to create a new Zap like the figure below.

When creating a Zap you will need to select your input App and Event. In the search bar type in “Alertdesk” and the Alertdesk Zapier App integration will appear.

When you have clicked n the Alertdesk App icon you will be prompted to select a trigger event. There are different type of trigger events from Alertdesk:

  • Notification                  When a HTTP Check changes state. Covers all HTTP Check events.
  • Http Check Up              When a HTTP Check changes to state UP.
  • Http Check Down         When a HTTP Check changes to state DOWN.
  • Http Check Flapping      When a HTTP Check changes to state FLAPPING.
  • Certificate Expired        When a certificate sourced a HTTP Check is expired.
  • Certificate Expiration    When a certificate sourced a HTTP Check is about to expire.
  • Certificate Renewal      When a certificate sourced a HTTP Check is renewed.

Now you need to sign in to Alertdesk to allow Zapier to receive notifications. Click on the blue button illustrated below.

If you have not an Alertdesk account already you can create one. Otherwise please login to your existing Alertdesk account.

You are now prompted to allow Zapier to receive check event notifications. Click the Allow button.

Now your Alertdesk account is parred with your Zapier account. Click continue.

To verify that everything is working as expected click the “Test Trigger” button. This will run a test event through the integration between Alertdesk and Zapier.

The test result is now shown and everything is working as expected. Click Continue to complete the installation.

You are now all done and ready to configure what to do in Zapier, when the Alertdesk trigger is enabled.

You are now ready for step 1.3, where you can send an e-mail, push to Slack, turn on a LED by Philips Hue. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

3. Example setup with Philips Hue lamp

When you from your Zapier are connected to Alertdesk you can use Zapier to turn on a Philips Hue LED when your website goes down. Fantastic feature!

To do so simply follow the steps below.

In the Zap configuration guide, after connecting to Alertdesk click “Edit” In the 2nd step option.

In the Search bar type in “Philips” and select Philips Hue.

In the Action Event select “Set Scene”

Now sign in to Philips in order to connect your Zapier account with your Philips Hue account.

First step is to sign in to your Philips Hue account

Next, grant permissions to allow Zapier to turn on your LED.

The window now closes and your Zapier account is connected with your Philips Hue account. Now hit the “Continue” button.

Now select:

  • Room
  • Scene
  • Turn lights on / off (true / false)

Now click “Test & Continue” to finish.

You are now done and can turn on the Zap.

4. Setup Zapier on a Alertdesk Team

To enable notifications for a check to be transmitted to Zapier, you will need to assign one or more teams with Zapier. That is done within Alertdesk in the following steps.

To start, click on the Apps top menu. The list of Apps available is displayed. Click on the “edit” icon for Zapier.

Now select which teams that should be notified via the Zapier App integration. You can select multiple teams.

Give your Zapier integration a name. That labels is used to distinguish between multiple integration to Zapier on the same Alertdesk account

Now you are all set! Notifications for checks to the team(s) selected are now transmitted to your Zapier App integration.

Updated on February 25, 2021

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