Speed check

What is Speed check

A real user Chrome browser check.
Where the following is monitored:
– Load time
– Page size
– Largest Contentful paint (LCP)
– Requests
– Page errors
– Page warnings
– Screenshot of URL

How to setup a Speed check

To get started with the Speed check, you need to do to your Dashboard and click the button

Click the select button under Page speed check
Type in the URL you want to monitor and click “NEXT”
Select the Team and Notifications settings and click “NEXT”
Give the check a name and then click “SAVE CHECK” and you are done

On your Dashboard you will now have your Page speed check listed. Its marked with a page speed tag.

If you click on the check you will see an overview of the data collected

To futher drill down in the details then click on the “View latest test result” button. Here can also find the waterfall of all elements of the URL

Updated on February 25, 2021

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