What is Pushover?

Pushover is a service to receive instant push notifications on your phone or tablet from a variety of sources

Set up an account with Pushover

1. Click on the “Apps” icon ion the left menu

2. Click on “Add Integration” button

3. Select “Pushover” and then click the “NEXT” button

4. Click on “Allow”

5. You now need to paste your Pushover User Key

6. Signup or login in to Pushover and copy your User Key from the Pushover’s Home Page.

7. Go back to the browser where you have started the integration setup. Paste the User Key in the dedicated field. Then click “NEXT”.

8. Select which Team the integration will be part of and click “NEXT”.

9. Type in a name for the Pushover integration and click on “SAVE”.

That’s it! You are done. You can now download the mobile app and/or desktop app to receive notifications.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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