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Maintenance Plans


With Maintenance Plan you can very quickly create a plan for your maintenance periods on your systems, so it won’t affect your downtime

1. How does it work

When a check goes into a maintenance period we pause the check, meaning we won’t poll the check. This also means that no downtime will be registered in that period.

2. Setup a maintenance plan

1. Click on “Maintenance” in the top menu

If you haven’t setup any plans previously then you will see this
Click on “Create my first maintenance”

Else click on the button

2. Enter a unique name for your plan here

3. Select and enter info on how often you want the plan to run
(Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly)

4. Select which check(s) to include in your plan Then click to submit your maintenance plan and you are done

3. Examples

3.1 Once


3.2 Daily


3.3 Weekly


3.4 Monthly


Updated on May 5, 2020